What is the Indivisible movement?

You can learn about the #Indivisible Movement and read the Indivisible Guide at the Indivisible website.

How do I join the movement?

Sign up here to join The Resistance.
Or check our latest events or our meeting calendar.

How do I get an Indivisible Banner or T-Shirts?

You can find the Indivisible Banner resources on the Banner page of our website.
You can find San Diego Indivisible t-shirt designs and ordering information on our Shirts page.

What is the best resource for my group to set up operational teams and tools?

A San Diego County Indivisible Operations Manual is currently in development intended to provide a single source for all useful resources, procedures, contacts, and more. Access to that link is currently restricted to group leaders. All county-wide team leads are invited contribute to the document. Just click here and add your comments on passages you would like to see added.

Who are my representatives and how do I contact them?

Representatives (who is mine?)
CA-49 Issa 202-225-3906
CA-50 Hunter 202-225-5672
CA-51 Vargas 202-225-8045
CA-52 Peters 202-225-0508
CA-53 Davis 202-225-2040

Senators (all California)
Sen. Feinstein 202-224-3841
Sen. Harris 202-224-3553

How do I get a website like this?

We (the web admins of this site) recommend you check out, which provides WordPress hosting for various Indivisible groups nationwide.

How can I get involved with the Indivisible movement in San Diego County?

Sign up on this website and check “I want to volunteer!” and we will help you get connected with a local chapter that suits your skillset. Or, if you just want to show up at rallies and events, sign up and don’t check “I want to volunteer!” – we’ll let you know about major resistance actions.