Media Projects

Video Call to Action:
Health Care Impact Stories

May 25, 2017
Please share your voice!
San Diego County Indivisible is collecting short videos from all five congressional districts to share on social media. We want to amplify personal stories on the impact of health care and health care “reform.” Our intent is to underscore the human impact of laws and policies, beyond the numbers.

Video Guidelines


  • 30 – 45 seconds is ideal; Shorter works too; No more than 1 minute.


  • If in district 49 or 50, please begin by saying, “Congressman Issa/Hunter, hear my health care story. My name is (first name only) and I live in your district.”
  • If in district 51, 52, or 53, please begin by saying, “Republican Congress, hear my health care story. My name is (first name only) and I live in (name of city).”

The Basics

  • Share personal stories about yourself or your family, focused on the impact of health care laws and policies.
  • It’s OK to read a statement. What matters is that it is true, personal, and relevant.
  • If you stumble, just start recording again. It’s OK to show emotions.


Choose from any of three experience “buckets:” past, present, future. (You may pick more than one, but to keep the videos short, you may have to record them separately.

PAST (pre-ACA): Before Obamacare, what was your health care experience? Did you or a loved one have difficulty receiving care?  Paying for care? Did you not have insurance at all? Stay in a job for coverage? Struggle to pay COBRA?

PRESENT: Under ACA rules for private, exchange and Medicaid insurance, share your good experiences. Did free preventive care or screenings discover a problem early? Did a family member need expensive medication or surgery that was covered? Consider both the health and financial impact.

FUTURE: Under AHCA, what do you fear for your health care future? Do you anticipate difficulty receiving care or paying for care? What happens to you if your state waives essential benefits? If insurers force people with pre-existing conditions who let coverage lapse into unaffordable “high risk pools”? If you are in the ACA Medicaid expansion population and lose all coverage?


Please email your video(s) as soon as possible to In the subject line please include your congressional district number, name, and Health Care Video,

e.g., CD50 Sally Strong Health Care Video.

We will package and share videos via:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter  @SDIndivisible
  • YouTube channel “Indivisible San Diego County”

Please share and retweet the series to your networks.

More Video Shooting Tips

  • Make sure you’re close enough to get good audio.  Turn the sound all the way up on your phone.  
  • Don’t shoot into a light. If possible, have light come from the side. Try a short practice clip to see how the lighting looks.
  • TURN YOUR PHONE TO HORIZONTAL.  Hold your phone on the edges; that is make a “U” with your hand.  Use your other arm to steady the phone by crossing it in front of your body and make a fist, then rest your “shooting arm” elbow on your crossing fist.  Makes a big difference.
  • If you’re filming another person, let them know what you want. Ask a question, like “How will the new health care bill affect you or your loved ones?” Give them time to think about it. Encourage feelings and facts.