Upcoming Candidates for 2018

In the coming months we will be highlighting progressive candidates for the 2018 elections. There will be elections held in both June and November. 

The San Diego Democratic Party has begun endorsing candidates for certain races. These three candidates can win in June, if they receive more than 50% of the vote. For more information on these three, make sure you check out our Local Races – 2018 page.

San Diego Women’s March 2018

Indivisible San Diego is bringing the #BlueWave to the Women’s March 2018. We’ll be handing out hundreds of blue flags at the Indivisible booth for marchers to carry. Please come by and grab a flag and march with us one GIANT BLUE WAVE! Please meet us at the Indivisible booth, prior to the march, to walk with us.

Info on the Women’s March is here.

Let us know if you’d like to march with Indivisible here.

Learn how to make your own #BlueWave flag here: