June 2, 2017

Citizens in CA-50 created billboard art to educate voters on the fact that Rep. Duncan Hunter is under criminal investigation by the FBI for misuse of campaign funds for personal use.

On Wednesday, San Diego’s 10News aired a report on the fundraising campaign to display the billboard near Hunter’s El Cajon office.

Organizers called vendor Clear Channel Outdoor to get the address of the actual billboard they planned to rent. Once the vendor learned of media interest, their sales tone changed. They have subsequently rejected the billboard art.

Frsti they said we had to change the language, removing “Shame On”. Then they said we had to remove the $$ from the photo. Next we were told we couldn’t state the fact that Hunter is under “criminal investigation”. Finally, they said we could not use Hunter’s photo without his permission.

Our citizen volunteers raised more than $7000 in five days for the original message and image, following a poll on what the billboard should say. We are willing to work within legal guidelines but must preserve our freedom of speech. We are concerned that Clear Channel’s political beliefs may have impacted its decision to reject our message. The company’s leaders have a long history of generous support for Republicans. 

Another vendor, Lamar Outdoor Advertising, has agreed to display the billboard with a modified message in a less desirable location with fewer daily impressions. They accepted the photo and agreed to this image:

The billboard is expected to display for five weeks, beginning June 12, near Highway 67 and the Winter Gardens exit.