Targets Issa on Eve of CBO Scores for GOP Health Care Bill

May 22, 2017


MAY 22, 2017

VISTA – San Diego County Indivisible is bracing for the release of the CBO scores this week that will predict how many Americans will lose health care under the GOP’s American Health Care Act (AHCA), and its impact on those who rely on essential benefits, such as maternity care, mental health care and hospitalization, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Republican bill would allow states to redefine essential benefits and allow insurers to disallow coverage, or charge sky-high premiums, for comprehensive care.


By trading vital health care under the ACA for the AHCA’s tax cuts, Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49), who cast the deciding vote for the AHCA, betrayed the people of his district. Millionaires will receive an average tax cut of more than $50,000 annually, while low and moderate income Americans will see taxes rise as they lose ACA tax credits that made insurance more affordable. As Issa’s reelection campaign collects payoffs from the nation’s wealthy donor class, his angry voters will deliver a clear message: It’s Time To Clean House!



10 – 11 AM

Issa: It’s Time to Clean House! Rally

1800 Thibodo Road Vista 92081

District 49 voters to protest with mops, brooms, gloves and sponges to tell Darrell Issa they are ready to sweep him out of the House of Representatives. Protesters will leaves buckets of sponges at Issa’s district office. #FlipCongress2018


NOTE: District 49 voters are still awaiting details on location and tickets for Issa’s promised Town Hall in Oceanside on May 31.