June 12, 2017


JUNE 12, 2017

SAN DIEGO – San Diego County Indivisible groups are fighting for their rights to free speech in Districts 49 and 50.


In El Cajon, constituents of Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA-50) overcame rejection of billboard content about Hunter by Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) and succeeded in displaying the billboard on June 11 in Lakeside through another vendor. Voters raised $7000 to publicize the message that Hunter is under criminal investigation, a statement of fact that CCO said could be considered slanderous. CCO also refused to display a public domain photograph of Hunter without his permission, claiming it could result in a lawsuit. The billboard, with the photo and message, is now visible on San Vicente Freeway 67 South at the Winter Gardens exit.


In Vista, constituents of Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49) are battling for their constitutional right to protest on the sidewalk outside Issa’s district office without unfair restrictions. The ACLU has notified the city of Vista that its restrictions are unlawful. Protests continue across the street from Issa’s office each Tuesday, and district residents will petition the Vista City Council to immediately issue a fair permit.



10 – 11 AM

“Country Before Party” Rally

1800 Thibodo Road, Vista 92081

Constituents of Rep. Issa will gather to express their dismay that Issa sides with President Trump and the Republican Party over the needs and desires of his district.


12 – 1 PM

“50 Wants A Town Hall” Rally

1611 Magnolia Avenue, El Cajon 92020

Last spring, Hunter’s district director banned Indivisible protesters from entering the congressman’s office space in El Cajon and ordered them to communicate only in writing. Constituents of Rep. Hunter will rally near his district office and individuals will enter the office in small groups to request a town hall with their congressman. Hunter has not held a town hall since his vote in favor of the American Health Care Act, which would deprive 45,900 District 50 residents of health care, including 6,600 children, and spike premiums for older, poorer residents.


1:30 PM

Billboard Celebration Video Message

Trailers Plus Parking Lot, 12024 Woodside Avenue, Lakeside 92040

A small group of protesters will assemble near the billboard site in Lakeside for a photograph and video message.


5 PM

First Amendment Protest at Vista City Council

200 Civic Center Drive, Vista 92084

Citizens of District 50 will rally outside the City Council building for their rights to free speech and assembly. Individual residents of Vista will go inside the chambers and ask to speak during the time allotted for public comments. The city’s response to the June 1 ACLU warning letter is unknown.