January 5, 2018

Also calls California “a socialist state”; Says people on welfare don’t want jobs; Recommends a way to kill North Korean President Kim Jong-un


JANUARY 5, 2018

SAN DIEGO – In a January 4, 2018 interview with Good Morning San Diego on KUSI News, Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA50) charged that individuals at the US Department of Justice are intentionally delaying the resolution of their criminal investigation into misuse of his campaign funds. Hunter blamed the career ambitions of federal investigators who, he said, seek fame and aim to do maximum damage to Hunter’s career by dragging out the investigation into the 2018 election year.




“It’s concerning that it’s taking so long,” Hunter said of the investigation. “Like we talked about earlier with the President’s DOJ investigation. I think that the Department of Justice is somewhat biased, there are individuals there that they like to make big cases, they like to do big things, it makes a name for them. And I think the longer that they drag this out, the worse it is for me. And they know that…So let’s just get it over with… let’s do this…They understand the longer that they take with these things, the longer they can drag it out into the political election cycle, the worse it is for me, just like the worse it is for Trump. That’s what they do.” (KUSI Part 2, 2:15)


[At a March 2017 town hall in Ramona, CA, prior to the revelation of his own Department of Justice investigation, Hunter accused the FBI of conducting a “witch hunt” to take down President Trump. Of the DOJ, Hunter said “They have been infiltrated by seditious Obama folks…” He charged that an ‘Orwellian government” “deep state”, comprised of “thousands of Obama appointees”, was out to get the President.

Ramona Town Hall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwidXydYekA&t=26s ]


On KUSI, Hunter added that he has heard nothing back from federal investigators since he complied with their information requests nearly a year ago. The San Diego Union Tribune Watchdog unit documented a pattern of spending by Hunter on family expenses such as groceries, utility bills and school lunches, as well as luxury purchases and travel, that Hunter paid for with $62,000 in funding donated to his political campaign. The UT also reported in October 2017 that Hunter had paid more than half a million dollars in legal fees over eighteen months.


In the KUSI interview, Hunter also:


  • Criticized President Trump as “crazy, stupid” and “silly” for his feud with Steve Bannon, and for tweeting about his big button. “It’s not presidential”. (Part 1, 1:00)
  • Said he was willing to support a “DACA fix” in exchange for full funding of Trump’s border wall (Part 1, 5:30, 6:15)
  • Predicted “tens of thousands of new jobs” in the next 2 years due to tax reform but predicted they won’t come to California because it is “a bad state that doesn’t like business, it’s a socialist state…” (Part 1, 9:00)
  • Predicted Trump would pursue welfare reform when unemployment is low, because then “you know the only people not working don’t want to work and are taking taxpayer money to sit home and watch TV and not work…the people on welfare right now don’t want to work, we’re going to reform welfare so that they have to work if they want to get it.” (Part 1, 9:40)
  • Recommended that Attorney General Jeff Sessions forgo his plans to disrupt state sales of marijuana and instead focus on investigating Justice Department officials who are investigating the Trump Russia scandal (Part 2, 5:00)
  • Boasted he has discovered a simple solution to the North Korean crisis. “You shoot down their missiles on takeoff. It wouldn’t be an act of war. Maybe. Could be interpreted like that…You shoot down the North Korean missiles in boost phase, that’s how you solve North Korea right now…there are simple ways to do this.” (Part 2, 6:00)
  • Called for the U.S. to kill the North Korean president: “Shoot ‘em back down on Kim Jong-un’s head, as he’s in the bleachers clapping as his rocket goes up in the air. I think that would really send a strong signal and we ought to do it now.” (Part 2, 7:40)
  • Laughed that an epic battle between the Free World and communist China on the Korean Peninsula was, indeed, a lot like Vietnam.“Yes, it’s funny how things come around.” (Part 2, 9:00)


Despite being under criminal investigation, Hunter expressed no concerns about his 2018 reelection, claiming “I think we’re doing a good job…we’re rockin’ and rollin’.” (Part 2, 0:15)