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Indivisible San Diego: Resisting the Trump Agenda.

Indivisible was founded, after the 2016 election, to oppose: the Trump Agenda, the degradation of truth, and the rise of authoritarianism. The principles of Indivisible are outlined in the Indivisible Guide.

Indivisible San Diego is a coalition of grassroots progressive groups from all over the county, including constituents of San Diego’s five congressional districts. We resist the Trump Agenda by pressuring our members of Congress to support progressive initiatives. We host protests and rallies throughout the county to show lawmakers we support equality, truth, and rule of law.

Indivisible San Diego holds a vigil for the victims of Charlottesville

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What is Indivisible?

For a more detailed look at how Indivisible was founded, and how normal people from all over the country have been called to action, this video from an Indivisible Austin, TX does a great job of explaining the movement.