Voting is My Superpower

All Welcome! No Badges Required!
Saturday, July 21 / 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Comickaze – Liberty Station – Barracks 15
2750 Historic Decatur Rd. Ste 101

Join Indivisible, ACLU and CAIR for a fascinating discussion of The Resistance in San Diego in the era of Trump. The panel features author Matteo Pizzolo, the mastermind behind the radical comic book series CALEXIT that is inspired by real life events. 

Reviewers describe CALEXIT as “a brilliant piece of dystopian fiction” and “2017’s most dangerous comic”. It tells a provocative story of political rebellion after a fascist President Trump orders the deportation of all immigrants. California declares itself a Sanctuary State and refuses to cooperate with Homeland Security. California’s revolution splits the state between conservative red districts that favor the tyrant and a string of coastal sister cities battling against occupation by government troops.

The panel includes Indivisible leader Kathy Stadler, who will share how Trump has galvanized San Diegans to historic levels of progressive activism; ACLU Advocacy Director David Trujillo, who will share the robust legal and legislative strategies essential to resisting Trump; and Council on American-Islamic Relations community liaison Yusef Miller on the contributions to our resistance by Muslims, immigrants, refugees and other vulnerable San Diego populations.

Does dystopian art, like CALEXIT and The Handmaid’s Tale, prepare us for crises in real life? Pizzolo will share a special edition of CALEXIT, set in San Diego, that features resistance to mass internment camps that overrun Lemon Grove with throngs of border jumpers…trying to get into Mexico. Panelists will explore the challenges of resistance to Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, the caging and stealing of children, the deportation of our neighbors and plans to establish a massive migrant prison at Camp Pendleton. 

Come to listen, share thoughts and ask questions about where San Diego is today and where our resistance may be headed tomorrow. This will be a one-of-a-kind conversation you won’t want to miss!

Bring a blanket (or small chair if you prefer) and join us in the green space outside host shop Comickaze in Liberty Station.
NOTE: “CALEXIT” comic has no connection to the real-life efforts to pressure California to secede from the union. See plot description above.